Saturday, August 26, 2017

Model Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction On Live TV But Handles It Like A Complete Professional

A stunning beauty queen was filmed the moment she revealed more than she bargained for on live TV. The model Fabianny Zambrano confidently strode onto stage to compete for the chance to represent Venezuela at the Miss World beauty pageant….

Fabianny Zambrano suffers wardrobe malfunction

The brunette, competing in the swimsuit round of the competition, strode onto the stage – but ended up with an awkward wardrobe malfunction.

Her costume slipped slightly to one side, exposing her left br*ast to the camera.

Fabianny didn’t appear to be bothered by the malfunction as she continued confidently walking and smiling.

The malfunction happened during the live broadcast of the Miss Earth Venezuala competition, taking place this week.

Despite Fabianny’s professionalism in the face of the embarrassing mishap, rival beauty queen Ninoska Vásquez Álvarez came out on top.

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